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fitbit alter hr: Wearable technology health tracker

Wearable technology in the guise of the fitbit alter hr is setting the standard for the one of the best running watches

Fitness trackers are getting a lot more stylish than they used to be, but the Fitbit Alta hr fitness tracker, is it really worth the hype?

Let’s take a closer look…


From a style perspective, the Fitbit Alta hr is hands down the most attractive fitness tracker we’ve seen to date. It’s sleeker than previous models and is intended to hug smaller risk more like jewelry than a gadget.

You can swap out bands by releasing it from the back side.

The Fitbit Alta hr costs around £129 with a black, blue or plum plastic band. The real standards are the leather bands which come in different colours like gray and pink for an additional £60. The stainless steel band cost £100.

Now you can see why wearable technology is becoming more like health fashion than fitness monitoring.

It’s pretty but what else does it do?

Similar to other fitbit trackers, you’ll get your typical things like sleep monitoring, activity tracking, silent alarms and it has a pretty solid battery life. Mine’s been going for about five days now. The device comes with a crisp coloured Tap Display and has a bit of a learning curve.

You’ll instinctively want to swipe from one stat screen to another but that won’t work. It only reacts to actual tapping. There are also some SmartWatch like notifications, like incoming calls, text alerts and calendar updates, so you can tuck your phone away, but these features were a little buggy for me during my test day.

wearable technologyThe good part is that the device doesn’t overload you with notifications so don’t expect to get your Twitter updates here. It also tracks workouts with the company’s built-in smart track feature. It gets specific too, it knows if you’re running, cycling playing basketball or tennis. And you don’t need to press any buttons for it to know when you’re sleeping! (spooky).

There are notifications to keep you active each hour and badges you can earn like this one that highlights when you’ve walked 70 miles. Fitbit calls these Move Notifications.

Fitbit’s tracker software remains one of my favorites. It’s easy to use and it’s fun but it isn’t perfect. There isn’t a heart rate sensor and you can’t bring it in the shower and it’s may seem expensive at £129 before buying any of the additional bands.

                                                                                                                 Click on image for the purchase page

It’s on the much higher end of the health trackers scale and if you are interested in the steel band, which is £100, you’re going to get much closer to what the Apple watch costs.

This wearable technology definitely has its limitations but it’s light on the wrists and it’s nice to look at, so maybe it’s the first fitness tracker that won’t end up in a drawer somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed my look at wearable technology that is the fitbit alter hr, if your looking for one of the best running watches, I would suggest any of the fitbit trackers since they seem to set the standard for health trackers.

Wearable technology, best running watches, fitbit tracker, health trackers call them what you like, as I see it wearable technology and the world of VR we could see a combination of those areas spawning a sea-change in how we live our lives.

Can you imagine running down a tropical beach insulated in wearable technology monitoring your bodies rhythms in VR?.

The fitbit tracker of the near future could well have us being anywhere we want to be and our health tracker connected to our VR setup…you might not want to go to work.

Enjoy today’s wearable technology, I have a feeling we are going to see big changes in how we view health trackers and our gym membership 🙂

Best running watches in the fitbit range of health trackers?

If you spend time, watching the videos and reading the in-depth reviews, I think you will have enough information to decide for yourself which item of wearable technology in the form of a health tracker is best for you.

It would also make a wonderful fitness gift for a friend or loved one…

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