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fitbit blaze, wearable technology for the fitbit UK market

fitbit blaze; One of the best health trackers to hit the market in recent years,

Check out the video below and learn how to incorporate the fitbit UK tracker into your healthy lifestyle.

Introducing the fitbit blaze smartwatch health tracker by fitbit, we will look at some of the features and functions of this wearable technology in this short article.

The menu will show you how many steps you’ve taken today, as well as your current beats per minute and the resting bpm, it does a lot more, like how many miles you’ve gone today as well as calories and number of floors you’ve climbed.

To exit the menu tap on the left of the tracker. And then you swipe over to get to the next one. The exercise menu has some of your most used exercises.


There are some other options but you need to use your phone to set those up. When you want to start a run you just tap on run, it will connect to phone. Hit play and while you’re running you can go through these different stats by scrolling.

You can get a detailed explanation direct from fitbit blaze help files;

How do I navigate my Fitbit blaze device’s screen

This is one of the things I feel that could be a little bit better, there are two on this side and one on this side. These do very little or nothing. I’d rather have these two buttons on the right scroll through these menus here so when you’re running and you’re sweaty you get a little bit of moisture on the screen its sometimes difficult to operate.

So I’d rather have this scrolling built into the side of the fitbit blaze and I’d rather see them squeeze in another one in the top right hand corner of the watch.
You could show your heart rate in smaller numbers at the top right of the watch as well as show distance.

wearable technologyWe’ll move on to FitStar. And this is kinda a neat little feature.

There’s three quick little workouts that you can do. There’s warm it up, shoulder rolls. It shows you these and more to do. So all its monitoring during the exercise period is your heart rate. here’s the 7 minute workout or 10 minute abs. Next up is the timer.

To understand all about fitstar on the blaze health tracker click the link.

The countdown timer is a little bit limited. You can only do up to 90 minutes and the seconds are limited to 5 second intervals. Next is alarms. And again this is another demonstration of how much this watch is dependent on your smartphone or the website. Because it does not allow you to set alarms from the watch.

The settings for this wearable technology are simple to use.

Quick view is where you flick your wrist and the screen turns on. Bluetooth classic. Heart rate is auto. You’ve got some regulatory information here. And then the version number and shut down. So that’s basically the entire watch.

The Fibit blaze App to control your wearable technology

A lot of the features you can control on the dashboard you get a lot of the information that’s on the today page. You’ve got your steps, bpm , miles, calories burned, floors, active minutes, as well so it keeps track of my weight and I’ve set a goal of how much weight to lose. You can also log food in this as well. And this will keep track of how much calories you spent over the day and how many calories your taking in.

fitbit trackerFinal thoughts on the Review of the fitbit blaze…

  • The pricing is more competitive than apple or android wearable’s.
  • The badges and goals keep you motivated. You can compare your progress to friends with the FITBIT app.
  • Longer battery life compared to some of the other smart watches.
  • Part of the Fitbit ecosystem so if you have the Fitbit scale all of that information can be stored in one place and easy to access.
  • You can track food, weight, sleep, and activity in one place.

So that was my review of the Fitbit Blaze. Make sure to check out the links in the description for current pricing for the fitbit blaze

If you looking for a reasonably priced fitbit tracker which looks stylish enough as a fashion accessory the fitbit Blaze may be the one for you.  It manages the everyday health trackers with ease and looks very good as wearable technology that, for the most part is not only practical for all fitness followers but does look good especially when you add some of the fitbit accessories.

I hope this insight into the fitbit blaze and far wearable technology has come in the last few years. If you want some more for your self or as a special gift you may want to check out the fitbit ionic below.

Obviously the latest addition to the fitbit trackers family might have something say about style and technology squeezed into a fitness tracker. but the Ionic is a new story…see it here FITBIT IONIC

This is a smartwatch health tracker by Fitbit which retails for about £125.

BUY the fitbit blaze here: fitbit blaze

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