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Wearable technology, fitbit charge 2 Review; Best Fitness Tracker?

Wearable technology: Review; fitbit charge 2

Best running watches? Let us see…

fitbit charge 2 alta hr

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Fitbit charge 2 against its own sister fitbit tracker the alter hr, let us see how they compare

The fitbit charge 2 alter hr are direct counterparts with a pricing structure almost the same within the fitbit health trackers range.

The fitbit alta hr got a much needed upgrade last year (2016) which included a new heart rate monitor, with the new upgrade, the fitbit alta hr got a price increase, today (Oct 2017) you can pick one up for around £95 – £120 depending on where you go.

Although the fitbit alta hr is a great fitness tracker, I think the fitbit charge 2 is better since they both cost about the same.

Relax and take a look at the brief video if you wish, it will give you the official overview of this great addition to wearable technology.

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Naturally a lot of people were asking exactly why I think the fitbit charge 2 is better than the fitbit alta hr, so lets me compare the two, and hopefully help you with your purchase decision.

First lets talk about the pricing of these health trackers if you’re interested in picking up either one of these I’ll have links here and below with the best deals Amazon routinely puts the Fitbit Charge 2 on sale.

Best running watches, health trackers ?

For the most part, both the fitbit alta hr and charge 2 do pretty much the same things.they both connect to the same fitbit mobile app, they both track your steps, distance walked, calories burned, minutes active, floors climbed.

fitbit charge 2

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Fitbit charge 2 packs a lot in a compact fitbit tracker

They will automatically log your exercise,track your sleep quality, and measure your heart rate. They are both fairly accurate and calculate the same readings, share the same design and both have textured silicon wrist bands.

They are also interchangeable so you can swap out bands if you’d like and the main units are made of the same materials, stainless steel and hard plastic.

The biggest difference between the alta hr and fitbit charge 2 is the screen, although they are built with the same screen technology (OLD) with similar tap interfaces, the screen on the charge 2 is bigger, and user menu is slightly different.

Obviously, the screen on the fitbit charge 2 is slightly larger but its also much brighter making it much easier to see in sun light. The fitbit charge 2 also has a button on its side allowing you to do more from your wrist than you could with the alta hr.

The fitbit alta hr can only show you your stats, where as the charge 2 allows you to manually start tracking a workout, use a stop watch, and start guided breathing sessions.

fitbit charge 2Image source:

Fitbit charge 2 has a larger screen…

In general the larger screen on the fitbit charge 2 allows you to do a little more than the alta hr, the fitbit charge 2 also has connected gps which allows the it to connect to the GPS on your phone to see real-time health tracker stats like pace and distance on display and record a map of your route.

Being able to control your fitbit tracker and having a bigger and brighter screen while connected to the gps leans me towards the fitbit charge 2 as being better value compared to the fitbit alta hr.

Wearable technology is getting smarter and more stylish

The smaller form factor of the alta hr might be beneficial for certain people, the smaller screen on the fitbit alta hr does mean it has a longer battery up against the charge 2.

The fitbit alta hr might also be better for people with smaller wrists.

Although fitbit has the best fitness tracking app on the market, and arguably the best hardware on the market but if fitbit wants to stay competitive and not target people looking for the best running watches, they need to make their higher end products water proof so people can swim with them (IMO).

As of today (Oct 2017) both the fitbit alta hr and fitbit charge 2 are only sweat and splash proof, if you were to swim with either one of these fitbit trackers they will probably get damaged.

charge 2 alta hr

Image source: Nicci McShane

But if you’re not the swimming type, then either health tracker will suit your basic needs.

I still prefer the fitbit charge 2 over the alta hr because its a little more capable and since they both retail for the same price you do want to get the most bang for your money.

Deciding the between the fitbit alta hr and fitbit charge 2 will ultimately come down to design and form factor. And if your looking for cool wearable technology, you will not be disappointed.

The best running watches, if that is what your looking for or a general health tracker to keep an eye on the stats is clearly going to be a fitbit tracker of some description since it has the world leading apps that will compliment fitbit’s wearable technology.

I would not want anyone to think health tracker products are designed exclusively for “fitter” people or sports fanatics. You may wish to consider the idea these are not just some of the best running watches on the market but from a health tracker POV it has other possibilities.


The alter hr, fitbit tracker will help keep those who want to monitor heart, steps, calories and other such metric. These, as you can see makes even the alta hr somewhat of a tool for those on diets, or recovering from an illness or accident.

The idea of associating not just the alter hr but linking the idea of looking for the best running watches may serve to cut a large part of the population out of the health tracker market.

But don’t take my word for it, test drive one of the best running watches for yourself, watch the videos and find which one is right for you or a loved one as a fitness gift.

I think it obvious which fitbit tracker I would go for between the fitbit charge 2 and the alta hr, that does not mean the alta hr would not suit you or a loved one.

Wearable technology in the form of fitbit trackers is growing faster than the people it targets and they love it, the best running watches via fitbit trackers seem to set the market standards.

I just wonder what the future will hold in terms of wearable technology once we combine the health tracker market with VR technology…but that is another story.


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