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Fitbit Flex 2: All Set to Become The Most Economic Fitness Band Ever

Fitbit’s Flex 2 All Set to Become The Most Economic Fitness Band Ever

In a time when fitbit trackers are gradually taking the limelight amongst a horde of enthusiasts around the globe, Fitbit, a popular fitness gear company decided to go for something lighter and simpler. Thus the Fitbit Flex 2 was born and guest what? It does not even have a screen.

For a quick introduction to the fitbit flex 2 wearable technology, take a look at this great video:


This article will ponder on the intricate details of this fitness band as well as highlight the pros and cons of this gadget.

An in-detail review: fitbit flex 2

At the first glance, one will see this Fitbit sporting a five LED display. Priced at £80, it is the most affordable product from this company and comes with a wide range of features. Out of the box, one will receive the gear, along with a data cable as other significant Fitbit accessories.

There was a time when the idea of fitness and computers did not go hand in hand. However, since those days people are able to carry their computers on their wrists, Fitbit has begun telling a new tale.

Having said that, why should one invest in the Flex 2 when Apple and Samsung are dominating the market? Well, the answer comes in three specific points.

Flexibility and light weight: wearable technology

This Fitbit tracker sits tight on one’s wrist. It is highly portable and aptly suffices to enthusiasts who are tight on budget or are looking for an entry level fitness band.

fitbit flex 2fitbit tracker is 50m water resistance:

This fitness gizmo is completely amphibious in nature. It can be used underwater as well. The 50m water resistance ensures that it does not encounter any unprecedented damage.

Highly customizable: 

If one finds the original design too mainstream, he or she can opt to wear it as a pendent or as a wrist band. The prices of these add-ons range between £65 – £80 and lets a person escalate his or her style statement.

However, there are some areas where this gizmo may require certain improvements. This wearable technology lacks a screen. In simple terms, one can get limited data on their wrist. Moreover, the lack of GPS support also hinders its syncing with many smartphones.

So what can one conclude?

All though this fibit flex 2 has the potential to be one of the best fitness watches in UK, the lack of a Live GPS tracking feature; may hinder its market presence. So, if one is searching for a trendy fitness wear, then he or she can consider this gadget as a viable option.

I hope you found my review of the fitbit flex 2 as a great item of wearable technology. This fitbit tracker makes it one of the lightest running watches on the market.

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