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fitbit ionic wearable technology ready for UK market

Fitbit ionic has now been released in the UK and wearable technology just got sexy!

Fitbit just released their New Fitbit Ionic wearable technology along with their first pair of wireless earphones the Fitbit Flyer, and their new Aria 2 smart scale.

In this article I am just going to take a look at the fibit ionic health tracker

The video below will give you a quick introduction to the latest flagship in the fitbit tracker market and a true smartwatch.

Fitbit Ionic, this project has been leaked on many occasions, it was only a matter of time when they finally announced it. This is essentially is better looking than the Fitbit Blaze. With a touch screen LCD on the front that will get significantly brighter so it’s easier to see in direct sunlight.

To start its going to come in 3 different colours charcoal and smoke gray, slate blue and burnt orange and blue gray and silver gray.

fitbit ionicThe  Fitbit Ionic with rapid release bands are going to retail for about £289.The Fitbit Ionic is going to come included with your classic fitbit silicon wrist band but you will also be able to get a Perforated sport band for £29.95 or a Perforated leather band for £59.95. But don’t quote me on these prices as they are based on launch day, they may change.

Apple teamed up with Nike to release a branded addition of the Apple watch and Fitbit has teamed up with Adidas to bring you the Adidas edition of the Fitbit ionic.

I’m assuming it will have an branded wrist band and some extra software or skins.

fitbit tracker, Wearable technology, specs and new features.

For starters it’s supposed to have a multi day battery life of 4 days and a GPS battery life of 10 hours. Speaking of GPS, it has a built in GPS so you can go running without your phone.

The Fitbit Ionic can store 100’s of songs and pair to your earphones via blue-tooth, while also playing music from Pandora.

The Ionic is also using a new heart rate monitoring sensor they are calling the “Triwave Colour Sensor”. It basically uses a combination of red, green and inferred lights to detect your heart rate.

Water resistant up to 50 meters so you can go swimming with it and it will track your laps.

The  Fitbit Ionic will also play nice with most mobile devices, so if you’re using an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone they should be able to work just fine.

Fitbit will also be launching an App store so you can down load third party apps and new watch faces to the Fitbit Ionic and it also has a built in NFC chip so you can do payments straight from your wrist.

You can read more about the ability to pay via your fitbit ionic health tracker

Like any other wearable technology, you will be able to get phone notifications and do certain tasks straight from your wrist.

As usual, like all other Fitbit Devices, the Fitbit Ionic will pair to Fitbit’s mobile app which is arguably the best and simplest fitness tracking app on the market.

For those wondering as of now it seems like the Fitbit Ionic WON’T have wireless charging anytime soon.

Is the Fitbit ionic going to be an Apple watch killer?

I think the Fitbit ionic is going to be a SMARTER smart watch option for fitness focused people or those who are already heavily invested in the fitbit ECO system.

We will have to wait to find out if Fitbit acquiring pebble was a wise venture…

At the moment the Fitbit Ionic is cheaper than the 38 mm apple watch series two, but that could change after apple’s Keynote this month (September 2017). They could announce an Apple watch series 3 and put the Apple Watch series 2 on sale for less than then Fitbit Ionic.

Wearable technology is getting smarter.

Wearable tech has moved far from the days of simply counting steps. Health trackers are doing so much more, apart from the obvious they now allow you to make your own challenges through fitstar a communty that is part of the fitbit eco system.

Health trackers are now capable of so much more and it has been mooted, they could lighten the load of routine health monitoring but I think that is a little further off into the future.

wearable technologyAs it stands, just before Christmas it’s a great idea either as your own gift or one who’s health and well-being you care about (and want them to look cool).

The fitbit ionic is setting the standard of wearable technology…

Purchase your fitbit ionic here.

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