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fitbit surge, wearable technology for everyone

fitbit surge, wearable technology with a brain.

Welcome to this fitbit surge product review,  we are going to look at the fitbit surge fitness watch this new fitbit tracker is primarily for fitness performance but also incorporates many other useful features.

As usual I have included the official video for your information:

Video source: fitbit

Let us dive straight into the details of the best running watches on the market today, as you expect from a fitbit tracker.

The Fitbit surge has in built monitoring sensors on its rear so doesn’t require an abdominal strap with multi-sport functionality.

It lets you track every aspect of your training regime (guess that’s why they call them health trackers) no matter what your sport or fitness activity. You can record running, cycling, cardio and other workouts to measure your performance and review detailed workout summaries to monitor your progress with its built in GPS.

Wearable technology has come a long way since the early days.

It used to be the best running watches were capable of heart rate and number of steps, nowadays that type of entry into the market would dive overnight.

fitbit surgeImage source: fitbit

Health trackers really do track your health levels…

You have the capacity to provide a statistical record of your running duration and distance, Your pace and lots more data is displayed on the large watch face and has the ability to know your pulse rate continuously.

This helps you to maximize the full potential of your surge health tracker to maintain its intensity as well as to know and monitor all the calories you have burned.

The fitbit surge provides you with instant precise and accurate readings for your every day activities this watch includes smart notifications sending messages to your phone via call and text to update you on your achievements.

The ability for you to monitor performance against personal bests targets helps you get the most from your fitbit tracker by day.

fitbit surge

Additionally by getting more out of your night with the fitbit surge out of sleep and silent alarm which automatically monitors the duration and quality of your REM sleep.

Synchronize your training steps to your smart phone and computer and display your trends on the fitbit’s comprehensive dashboard.

The Fitbit surge health tracker is suited to both men and women and is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

I hope you enjoyed this taster of the fitbit tracker super watch, personally I think it is one of the best running watches on the market today.

I also think it would make a great fitness gift…

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