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About Me

About me:

Fitbit UK was created by me (Nava Bregan) because I have a passion for the product, even after Pebble was integrated into the fitbit range.

How did this website happen…

I am no different from millions of women sitting at home looking after the kids (teenagers now) and wondering if I could contribute not just to the home but to me as a person who has dreams.

This site , is my personal effort at doing what I love, communicating my love for a healthy lifestyle and my friends encouraging me to “Just Do it” (Pun intended).

I am still learning about a lot of things and I love it.

I think far too many people think health tracking when doing some sort of physical activity is the totality of what wearable technology is.

For me and I suspect for millions of other people across the world to be completely “fit for life” we have to spend more time in the “mind-gym.”

This website is my mental keep fit workout which is as important, if not more so than physical fitness.

I hope you find the information on these pages helpful but more than that I hope you might also take a few moments to consider the psychological aspects of fitness and take a more holistic view of what it is when we say “Wearable technology.”

We do ware any number of smart watches, health trackers, fitbit trackers and such and the most integrated, important “plug-in” is our mental approach, our attitude towards complete fitness.

Let’s be honest, it is not the times when going out for a run is a pleasure. It is when it is cold, wet and dark, we really the mental part of our fitness tracking (hope you get the point here).

I am aware people are hesitant to purchase from all types of website for obvious reasons (who can you trust) so to put your minds at ease here is how my website runs…

  • I do not collect any information about you (None)
  • All transactions are taken care of by Amazon (Since I am an affiliate). You will always be direct straight to the shopping cart on Amazon, this site simply informs and explains.
  • My business address is REAL (If you send me any postal messages I will get them)
  • my email is REAL, if you have anything you want to say send me and email or please leave a comment.
  • My contact details are HERE

Thanks for visiting my site:

About meMy business address is:
Nava Bregan
Unit 13290
PO Box 7169
Poole, Dorset
BH15 9EL

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